Posted by: Daniel McCurdy | March 3, 2009

My Dreams

This is just a little bit about who I am and what God is calling me to do in my life.

I am currently a Biology Education major at Messiah College. I have known for many years that God has called me to Biology and Education but this has many faces. For a bit the idea was to be a Biology teacher in a local high school but I was never 100% sure this was to be the case. In the past few months my concept of what God has in the future has been changing. I am seriously considering becoming a full time missionary after graduating college and paying off my loans.

My goal in missions is to work at training nationals, primarily on the African continent, to teach students, work towards greater sanitation and help those with disabilities. The first part of teaching students would be primarily but by no means other than God limited to Biology. Working toward greater sanitation and helping those with disabilities stems from the work I am currently doing with the Mali Water project through The Collaboratory at Messiah College. This has become something I feel very passionate about.

In whatever aspect I am training/teaching it must be a holistic method that does not just teach information but also teaching that we must trust in God. God is to be primary in all our lives and our work must be done to serve God. I could not afford to leave God out of the picture in my work or teaching.

I do not want the position(s) that I will hold to be permanent ones. I want what I do to be temporary and later be filled by a national when the time is right.

The attitude with which I desire to enter this endeavor is one of humility. I do not desire to come as a great purveyor of information or as a more intellectual and superior person. I want to come in love desiring to be a servant to my fellow man in the way that Christ came for us. I also will have to allow myself to be served by those I am serving.

Realizing that I will be a stranger in their world is a good part of keeping some of this attitude. I will do all that I can to adapt as a Christian in their society. By doing this I hope to show that I care and that I do not desire to make them like me, in so far as societal issues go. I do desire however that they become stronger Christians…that’s not to say I’m perfect. The people I am serving will have as much to teach me as I may have to teach them so this is something I will have to remember.

To serve and glorify God is the primary motivation of my life and therefore this endeavor. If at any point I am not doing this I will have to seriously look at what I am doing and see what is going wrong. Please pray for wisdom for me as I continue working towards this goal. This is what I have thought through so far and is of course all open to change as God continues to show me His “Good, pleasing and perfect will.”




  1. Praise God! It sounds like you’re on the right track. It’ll be exciting to see what God has for you specifically as He calls you to new things even today.

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