Posted by: Daniel McCurdy | April 12, 2009

Easter Joy

Today I am so filled with joy. The past few days have been incredible. The services at church have been so moving in ways I’ve not seen before. The closer I grow to God the more and more thankful I am for what He has done for me.

Thursday’s service left me overwhelmed by God’s love. Friday’s caused me to weep when I heard God’s Word being read. I am amazed not only by the physical pain Jesus bore but everything else He went through as well. He became sin, God turned away from Jesus, this I will never have to comprehend. It is easy to just think of the physical pain, which I don’t want to diminish at all, but we often forget that there is more than the physical pain. I was wrought to the core by thinking about this.

Today is of course Easter and I have not been this joyfull in my memory. During church I was just bursting with joy because I know what Christ has done for me and that He is risen!  The more I try to think about this to write out what I feel the less I know. It was hard to sit still through the sermon because I just wanted to sing out my praises to God. I was also sharing the joy of all those who believe as well. It is important to remember that Christ did not just die for ourselves but also those around us who believe.

I am so thankful for what God has done, is doing and will do in my life. I am excited to see how I can serve our Savior further in this mortal life. I look forward to the day when my praises will go on for eternity! May my very life be a praise to God! I pray this is true and I pray the same for you!



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