Posted by: Daniel McCurdy | April 19, 2009

A shift in focus

The last few months God has been teaching me in some amazing ways. He has shifted my focus to Him and has been teaching me much about trust.  The past few months have been rather phenomenal. I feel as if this is a point I will look back on and see how God used this time in my life to make some rather important changes.

God has helped me to see the need to look to Him for my strength. I wrote about this in a previous post. This has been one of the most integral lessons I have been learning. Looking to God for my strength inherently brings me closer to Him becasue I am focusing more on Him and less on myself. I started learning this when I was sick but life didn’t wait for me to fee better. I realized then that I would have to trust in God to get His work done. As I got over my cold I realized that it is still true when I am healthy. Recently I have been striving to look to God for my strength in all things. There are many things God has given me to do and there is no way I could do them on my own strength. If I have claimed to submit myself to His Will I better be ready to trust in His Will as well.

God has been working in me to show me the need to trust Him even in the “small” things such as school. I realize now that God cares about my life…not just when I interact with others on a spiritual level. I am striving to see God at work instead of myself in all areas of life.  I must allow God to work through me to do His Will.

My reason for doing things has been another big change. My focus has been more and more that God would be glorified. This is not a new idea but one God has been growing in me much more. As I strive to serve Him I want Him to be glorified through me, that my life may be a song to His glory.

Thinking about these points leads to a much more God centered focus in my life. I am very thankful for what God has been teaching me and how God has been challenging me to pursue a closer relationship with Him. I am more and more trying to die to myself that Christ may live through me. I of course do not suceed at any of this on my own strength and I am not perfect in this. I don’t say these things so that I may look better but I say them in order that God may be glorified and we may all be spured on to submit ourselves to God. I pray this for all those who read and as that if you think of it you might pray that I will keep my eyes on Christ.



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