Posted by: Daniel McCurdy | May 3, 2009

Life is Now

I think that one of the biggest confusions to college students (and others I’m sure) is that life is in fact right now. Most students separate college from life because life is not viewed as now…or that college is meant to get us ready for life .  I think that this adds to confusion in how to live during college and how to work.

If college is perceived as part of your life then the classes you take and the things you do have more meaning. To take the opposite view leads to the often asked question, “Why do I have to take this stupid class? I don’t know when I’ll ever use it!” If there is no other reason there is a t least the fact that you need it for your degree. There is another enormous concept in play here and that is the view of the work.

As I wrote a couple months ago our work is not really our own as Christians but things God has prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10).   This does not just apply to work after college. If we are in college then it is clear that our school work is our work and must be done to glorify God (I Cor. 10:31).  So few college students, it seems, are thankful for they opportunity they have to study in college. Something that bothers me a lot is how included everyone is to complain about anything and everything.

This is certainly not an attitude glorifying to God and not an attitude that causes us to focus on God. Job 1:13-22 speaks of when Job lost all that was his and did not complain. If anyone had what is often called, “the right to complain” it was Job but he saw that God was the true owner of his possessions. I realize that I complain often but I strive not to because to complain means that I am not being thankful to God.

I don’t start being thankful for what I have after college though, I must be thankful for all things in college as well. The patterns developed now will not magically change after college because suddenly we are in “real life.”  Now is the time to learn to be responsible, now is when we should be learning to manage our time. If we don’t learn now what will make us learn later? Necessity? Were that the case you would make sure you got enough rest now, you would make sure you use your time now. Your body needs the same things the week before graduation as the week after graduation.

I encourage you to take the time while you are in school to learn these things. School is a slightly more controlled environment designed to help you learn how to live. Be sure that you are thankful in all things and glorify God in all your work! I pray this for those of you who read this and ask that you pray this for me as well.




  1. Amen! I felt very much like that in college and it took me a while to realize life is always now, regardless of how ‘in touch’ you feel with the rest of the world.

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