Posted by: Daniel McCurdy | May 23, 2012

God’s Calling Introduction

In the past couple weeks the topic of God’s calling has come up in conversation a number of times so I decided to write some of my thoughts on the topic. Understanding God’s calling in our lives is a topic that causes many people angst and confusion. A large part of this confusion comes out of our culture’s fascination, or even obsession with objectivity, and certainty. While there is plenty of subjectivity in our lives we like facts, and figures. We run on data. The trick with discerning God’s calling is that it is incredibly subjective. As my pastor says, “it is messy.” We can’t just fit it into a box. In writing this short series I hope that I can improve my own understanding on the topic and be an encouragement to others.

As I have a lot of thoughts I will be doing this in more than one segment. I will give a table of contents here which I will update with hyperlinks as I write the segments.


2. Temporary Calling

3. There is rarely a clear-cut path.

4. You can’t, “miss out on God’s plan for your life.”


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